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California-based Yarnboming artists Jill and Lorna Watt of Knits For Life (previously featured here) recently transformed a pair of unassuming benches near the San Francisco Ferry Building into adorably ferocious monsters, complete with six awesome orange feet. The irrepressibly inventive sisters created this delightful yarn installation for an upcoming episode of CCTV America’s new show Full Frame.

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*yarn bombings can be beautiful, but always remember to clean it up afterward!

This is too amazing and beautifully done, I don’t think it should be cleaned up. It also better than graffitti; if the state really has a problem with it, they can easily clean it up themselves.

Yarn bombing is a very interesting practice, and can be a great way for art and craftsters to show off their skills and creativity. However, in the elements, yarn gets very icky, very fast. It doesn’t remain as pretty or interesting as it is in the moment that a piece is first bombed.

On top of that, most yarn bombings that are photographed and publicized are on trees and plants, or on areas (like these benches) that need to be used by the public. Yarn bombs on plants can seriously injure the plants if they aren’t cleaned up properly. And it isn’t fair of us to cover things like benches and seats with yarn and not bother to take it off when the yarn has made the seat unusable. 

I’m certainly not saying that if you put a yarn bomb up, that you should take it down immediately. I’m just saying that we should be aware of our actions and take responsibility for them. When the yarn starts to sour, remove it. We should be responsible individuals and not harm the people and things around us where we are able to avoid it.


Some Yarn Bombing. Click pictures for sources.

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Lavorando ai perks per la nostra campagna Crowdfunding su Indiegogo

Lavorando ai perks per la nostra campagna Crowdfunding su Indiegogo

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'La Primavera indosso' il pattern di marzo by Natascia Sartini

Un giorno ti svegli e l’aria ha il profumo della primavera, della pioggia che bagna l’erba appena nata, la luce cambia sfumatura e si intona ai colori pastello dei fiori sugli alberi…e’ Primavera!

Lo aspettavamo da tempo, il mese che segna il passaggio all’agognata bella stagione.
Ma cosa ci riserverà marzo pazzerello?! 
Non temete, arriva oggi un nuovo, bellissimo, pattern!

Si chiama 'La Primavera indosso' il pattern del mese di marzo ideato per Crowdknitting da Natascia Sartini….la conoscete già, vero? 

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Pizzato: “Uniamo l’Italia con l’uncinetto: così il crowdknitting è diventato un caso nazionale”

Crowdknitting, un piccolo grande social sulla maglia made in Italy | Blog Tricot


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100% ART